Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Measuring Up

We have been learning about measurement in Room 4.  We have been learning to measure width and height using mm, cm and metres.  The Taimana maths group had to choose something to measure and the appropriate unit of measurement to measure it with.  They used the ipad to take pictures of their measurement  and then created a video of their findings using movenote.  Are all their measurements correct? Leave them a comment and let them know.


maui said...

WOw!! The thing that I loved about your video Room 4 was when you guys
were talking and you got stuck and then you guys just tried again! I think somthing for you to improve is
talking, when your talking you will say your sentence fluently and your video will be more awesome!! GREAT!!

Miss Kirsty said...

Hi Maui,
Thanks for your comment, we love the way that you gave us feedback and feed forward. We will work on our fluency when we are talking.

Room 4

Anonymous said...

wow jahrell you did really great fyi its rhythm bye! keep it up.

Jahrell said...

Thankyou rhythm see you soon.