Saturday, November 3, 2012

Lost in the Forest by Faamanu

Once upon a time there lived a nice and quiet family, Mum, Lucy, Dad and baby George. They lived in a  wooden house  with a big  giant clock.The clock always went  tic toc tic toc. One night  mum was reading a  story to the family near the fireplace. The  book she was reading  was  called, Little Red Ridding Hood. When she was reading the story the house started  turning into a forest with a wolf standing near a river. 
Mum said “what’s wrong  with our house?” Dad said “why are trees in our wooden house?” “Oh no!” shouted George.”Lets get out of here!” said Lucy.The family got lost in the forest.”How do we get out of here?” said Dad.
The family were searching their way out of the forest when they met a little girl called Little Red Riding Hood. The girl was so small and she was holding a picnic  basket.”This girl looks similar to the girl in a book,”  said Lucy. 
“Hi my name is Little Red Riding Hood” said the girl. 
“Hey she is Little Red Riding Hood in the story” said Lucy! 
"Help me, there's a wolf coming to eat me” replied Little Red. The wolf has sharp teeth and sharp claws and big muscles. "Can you help me,"  asked Little Red.” 
"Ok," said mum, "but if we help you would you help us?”
"Ok," said Little Red. When Little Red got home with Lucy’s family she saw her Grandma wrapped up inside the closest. The wolf jumped out of nowhere and tried to eat Lucy and Little Red. 
“Give me your picnic basket” roared the wolf. 
“No!” shouted Little Red and she threw the picnic basket to Lucy. Lucy ran to the wolf and whacked his head with the picnic basket and the wolf fell on the ground. 
“Are you going to help us or not” asked the mother. 
“Come with me and I will show you the way out of this place” said Little Red. Here is the place to help you get out of this spooky forest. 
“This is a cave”, said Dad.
“Come on” shouted Mum. “Let’s go”. 
The cave was spooky and so dark. Lucy ran inside and broke her ankle on a rock. Lucy felt hurt and she cried out loud to her Dad. So dad had to carry her all the way home. 
“Are you forgetting someone?" asked Little Red. "Can me and my grandma came with you?"  
“Sure you can" said mum. 
So they got out of the forest and they had a picnic and they lived happy ever after.      

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