Sunday, November 4, 2012

Experimenting with Plants and Sunlight - by Kauri

I wanted to find out if plants can grow without sunlight.

My hypothesis is that I thought the plant was not going to grow.

For my experiment I got two plants and put one plant in the sunlight and the other plant under a box so it had no sunlight.

I noticed that the plant without sunlight is curved and the one with sunlight is tall and has big leaves.
I also noticed that the plant without sunlight looked very sick and the plant with sunlight does not look sick.The sick plant grew slow and the other plant grew fast.

I found out that the reason the plant that is sick grew sideways was because it got trapped in the box. The plant with sunlight grew with nice leaves because it got lots of sunlight. The sunlight gives the plant lots of chlorophyll to make the leaves green. I found out that plants need oxygen, sunlight, water and nutrients to grow big and healthy.

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