Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Rosie and the moon! Retold by Christine

It was a dark and gloomy night Rosie was in her bed when she heard her children crying because they were thirsty. So Rosie got and went to check but there was no water.

She picked up the pot and was walking in the forest because she needed to go to the bridge and get some water from the river. It was dark and could not see the way. Suddenly the moon peeked out from behind the cloud. Now she could see her way she hurried to get some water she carefully carried the pot so she won’t spilt the water.

The moon was hiding behind the cloud and Rosie bumped her head on the tree because she couldn’t see. The pot splashed out and the pot was empty. Rosie got very angry and shouted “you stupid ugly moon” while lying on the ground.
The moon said “I will punish you” he bend down and grabbed Rosie. Rosie tried to hold onto a stick but the moon pulled harder and the branch broke. Rosie got petrified and said “ I didn't mean that please put me down” but the moon did not listen and kept pulling her up to the sky.

Rosie stayed with the moon and you can see her with the stick when there is a full moon.

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