Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Legend of Rona and the moon, retold by Havea

Rona and the moon

It was a dark and gloomy night when the children cried because they were thirsty and woke their mother. Rona woke up and noticed the pot was empty.

So she went through the forest and stumbled because it was dark and couldn’t see the way. All of a sudden, the moon popped out from behind the cloud. It was shiny like it was day because the moon shined. As she went to the river she filled it up with water. And she carefully carried the pot as hard as she could but it turned dark.  She fell and bumped into a tree and spilt the water. Rona was so silly she shouted out “you big stupid ugly moon.” the moon replied “ I don't like being shouted at.”

So the moon was so angry he tangled her around his arms and she screamed because she was punished.  She stayed there until the moon set her free.


Sara funaki said...

very good son proud of your work! love your mum sarah xx

Miss Nalder said...

Hi Havea,

I really like your story because you have added a lot of detail about what happened. I love that you have used words like "carefully" and "tangled". They make your story so much more interesting.

You have also done a good job of your animation. It was clever when you showed her filling up her pot with water!

I like this story. I think I will read it to my class too, and see if they can retell it like you have. Maybe I will share your blog post with them!

From Miss Nalder