Wednesday, September 17, 2014

ATIONS, By Shel Silverstein

The Tigers reading group looked at the poem ATIONS, by Shel Silverstein.  They used the ipad to take pictures of each of the ation words.  Once they were happy with their pictures they used imovie to put them in the right order and record themselves reading the poem.  Here is the finished movie.


diziah said...

Good video everyone I like it.

And next time you guys should speak a little bit louder with confidence and expression.

Savelina Lepou said...

Hi guys! That video was awesome. I have always liked that poem. We have also been reading Shel Silverstein poems! He is such a funny poet. I love the illustrations that go with his poems. Here is a link to a post on our blog from a few weeks ago about the Shel Silverstein poem, "Ickle Me, Pickle, Tickle Me."

Diziah said...

Hi Taiala I like this video but maybe you should put some more actions in it. :)

Judi Billcliff said...

I loved watching this. What a great poem to teach us all about life and getting on.

Did you know words ending in 'ation' are some of the best to use when writing a poem as there are so many. When I ran a writing workshop recently, I had the kids come up with words ending in that, and it was fun as they found so many.

Keep going with it.

Judi B

Constance said...

WELL DONE TIGERS!I really like the ion words in it and I even though some of use didn't know some words you still tried your best to say it.

tyrese said...

really cool man

constance said...

Hi room 4 I really like the way use tried to say some hard ion words and that use took turns to say it.

Next time I think you should speak up and be confident when saying it.

FA'AMANU said...

Hey Room 4 great movie ,
I have learnt to not throw my rubbish on the ground because it can kill other animals.
Keep up the great work.