Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Can plants grow in different soils? by Daimai

I wanted to know if plants could grow in different soils. My hypothesis is that I thought that the sand plant won’t grow,and I thought the soil plant was going to grow.
How I did the experiment was I got two buckets then I got sand and soil then put  the sand in  one bucket and put the soil in the other bucket.

Later  I made two holes so both buckets have one hole. Finally I put some  bean seeds in the hole  then covered the holes with soil then we put some water  in each week. I noticed that the sand plant grew a little bit and the soil plant grew big and fast.

The  sand plant  grew slow. The colour of the sand plant was white and sort of grey and it grew facing the floor. The other plant was green and tall and the leaves were huge. 

I found out that the reason the sand plant was white and grey was because it was not facing the sun. The other plant was facing the sun. The leaves on the sand plant were small because they didn't have enough water and I gave the other plant lots of water. I found out that plants need nutrients to grow big and healthy.         


Mrs Kelly said...

Well done, Daimai - this sounds like a great experiment - both plants grew BUT they grew differently!

Room 23 said...

Well done, Daimai Room 23 at Meadowbank School loved reading about your learning. We are an Enviro School and we learn lots about plants too! Have you done any other experiments?