Friday, August 12, 2016

Safety around dogs - Alisha

Title How to be safe around dogs

Aim/goal How to keep safe around dogs.

Materials: Dogs

Instructions in  step by step

1. First you tell your adult, hen the owner and the the dog.

3. If a dog was running free stand like a tree.
3. You pat a dog on the shoulder or on the chin and on the chest that's the best.
     Sometimes the dog doesn't like to be patted watch out it might bite you.

4. If a dog with no one leave it alone.

5. To understand they sniff your hands.

6. If you were by a dog you don't run if you run it will chase you.

7. Check it sweet before you meet

8. And remember to walk gently.

This is the first time I have learnt to be safe around dogs. Next if I see a dog running around I will stand like a tree.

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