Wednesday, June 22, 2016

The poor old man - Davlyn

Once there was a poor old man, who always sleeps on the hard rock wet floor at the park. The old man was cold and has a ragged coat, and the rich woman from across the road noticed him sleeping at the park and felt sorry for him. The following day she asked him to come and stay in one of her beautiful spare rooms. “Yes please!” yelled the poor old man . The rich woman had a stunning huge house with so many bedrooms.  The next morning, the poor old man turned to the beautiful rich woman who had the biggest house with the coolest stuff ever and said “thank you for your fancy house, but I can’t stay here. I couldn’t sleep well but when I am at the park I slept well because I dreamt about your expensive house and slept well on the hard rock chair”

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Simone Pakieto said...

This is a very discriptive story Davlyn. Well done =)